The Poetry Forum, which ran its first Seminar series in 2006, was born as a discussion group entirely dedicated to the genre of poetry. The aim of our ongoing seminars is mainly to allow a wide audience that is not necessarily academically specialised in poetry, to take part in the discussion and appreciate a genre that is usually regarded as difficult and therefore reserved to the initiates. These exciting text-based seminars have so far attracted a good number of colleagues and students.

Notwithstanding that The Poetry Forum is based in the School of Modern Languages, it is an interdisciplinary initiative and has representatives from StAnza, The School of English and The School of Classics. It also hopes to widen the collaboration to other schools within the Faculty of Arts.

St Andrews is an ideal place to develop further activities and interest in Poetry. It already has a very successful yearly Poetry Festival (StAnza) and an excellent Creative Writing Department with many well-known poets collaborating in it. 

We aim to:

  • Continue with seminars that will carry on the existing interdisciplinary dialogue between Schools within our University and other Poetry Centres.
  • Start poetry readings through invited poets from St Andrews, other cities in the UK and Europe.
  • Create dialogue and research in the form of International¬†Conferences.
  • Publish Conference Proceedings.