Committee Members


Dr Rossella Riccobono (School of Modern languages), Director of The Poetry Forum, is Lecturer in Italian at the University of St Andrews. Her research interests include Twentieth-century poetry and narrative, and contemporary Italian cinema. As well as the St Andrews Poetry Forum (University of St Andrews), she directs the online electronic journal and resource centre for Italian poetry Mosaici ( She is currently working on a monograph on the poetry of Eugenio Montale and Cesare Pavese and the Modern Epic Poem.



Dr Emma Buckley (School of Classics) is a Lecturer in Latin at The University of St Andrews. Her research focuses on responses to Augustan Rome, ancient and (early) modern, from the Flavian epic of Valerius Flaccus, through the early-modern Supplements of Maffeo Vegio and Giovanni Battista Pio (15-16th centuries) and into the great neo-Latin and vernacular drama of the Elizabethan and Jacobean ages. Above all she is interested in the way in which issues of power, obedience and (self-) censorship are negotiated in ancient literature, then translated and transformed by later authors.

ImportedProfilePhotoDr Tom Jones (School of English), is Senior Lecturer on English at The University of St Andrews. His research focuses on poetry and philosophy, particularly in the eighteenth century. He has written on the interrelation of linguistic philosophy and poetic practice with respect to George Berkeley and Alexander Pope, and has also worked on the place poetry occupies in the philosophy of the eighteenth century, particularly at the time when philosophy is divided into various different humanistic disciplines. Dr Jones is currently running a series of day seminars on this theme, with a selection of essays by contributors to follow. Other current projects are a general book on the theory and practice of poetic language, and a biography of George Berkeley.

 NewFestDirectorEleanor Livingstone (StAnza), is Festival Director of StAnza, The St Andrews International Poetry Festival. Eleanor Livingstone has worked for StAnza since 2005. She has a background in legal work and as a creative writing tutor. She is also a poet, editor and reviewer. Zoe Venditozzi worked for ten years as an English teacher in schools in the UK and New Zealand. She has also been a creative writing tutor. Kirsten McKenzie studied creative writing at St Andrews University. She has a background in PR, including time spent as a Press Officer for the Scottish Parliament. As a writer she has published two novels.